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Spiritual Awakenings- By Maria Hamel

         A long time supporter and natural leader within our community, Maria Hamel has gifted us with this! We welcome the opportunity to advocate and promote voices and talent such as Maria's who lives in dedication and devotion to service to others....  

           I’ve been having them (spiritual awakenings) as far back as I can remember and thinking there was something wrong, when really my body, mind, and soul were trying to tell me something. The most recent one occurred roughly 2 years ago (2011) and it allowed my mind to be clear enough to have such awareness of the world around me I felt like I was walking on clouds. Time was irrelevant, there was no past, present, or future there was just a feeling of being unified to everything and everyone around me. I’m positive this awakening opened me up to my life’s purpose, which is a global endeavor to save the countries that are suffering around us. I am sure that a greater force showed me clearly in a vision I’m on a mission traveling and healing people with a team of experts. Now that I know this is my journey there is no turning back. Going back to the normal routine that was set up for me by my elders isn’t enough. I am of sound mind, have a healthy strong body, and expansive intellect that encompasses more understanding of the big picture than the average man. In my vision I am awakening others. I am connecting people and resources to the appropriate individuals. It is powerful and beautiful.

            During my spiritual awakening my body was a force field for all energies from all levels of time and space. For example, lights would turn on and off around me, I would psychically guess occurrences immediately before they would occur, I turned over white tablets knowing intuitively what design would be on the other side. I had visitations from people that had passed away. I know this is not a curse or an illness it is a gift. I was given messages from these people over and over again to give to their loved ones. I could feel trains from previous lifetimes pass through me. I could feel stray bullets go though my body as if I was made of air. I was given the formula for time travel which I could never explain in this lifetime. Simultaneously I was being treated with medicine that my body rejected. I started going to a psychic and she told me I didn’t need this medicine and she was right. My mind processes information differently and there are others like me. We are misunderstood in this society because we can see things others don’t see. We can feel things others are closed off to. And we can understand things that are greater in this lifetime that people who have believed misinformation will ever understand. The care for my kind of people is detrimental. It stifles their growth. It beats them down. It hurts their creativity and expanding mind and it puts them in danger. We lock up our people in psych wards and treatment centers instead of allowing them to blossom.             

            My spiritual awakening that happened roughly 7 years ago showed me my intuitive nature to animals. I was able to communicate with them, specifically horses, on a deeper level reading their state of health. This was on my friend Caleb’s horse farm in Orlando, Florida. Again, I was communicating with the dead in a cemetery behind his house. I was receiving messages from children that attempted suicide in Port St. Lucie, FL. I was getting information at a rapid rate. I felt ten steps ahead of those around me. The only relief was when I submerged myself under water in a bathtub. It felt like I was being reborn. I was remembering being born in that tub of water. The awakening I had 7 years prior to this one I wrote a play that was put on by my peers in high school. It was about God and the existence of man. Then 7 years before that I had an epiphany about the rotation of the planets and how life existed on other planets and how it skipped from one planet to the next in a sequenced order. That was in middle school. Each of these awakenings happened because the physical body was shedding all of its old cells and recreating a brand new person. Why would a child understand something only scientists were starting to figure out such as Pluto not even being a planet? It’s because my mind was open and clear and I was not distracted by the mundane occurrences of life. I took my brain to the next level and connected the dots myself. I was taught that my beliefs were wrong and “insane.” I know now that is incorrect information. The people teaching me this were not open enough to understanding our mind’s full potential. Every awakening was a beautiful experience, but scary because I didn’t know what was happening to me. I also was raw and vulnerable and had to be protected during this time of change and purification. I am patiently waiting for the next Nostradamus-like occurrence to reveal more information. John Lennon died the day I was born and I feel that I carry a lot of his messages. He believed in peace and love, but he also suffered because he was such a sensitive being. He had horrible insomnia, but his creativity made music that will be around forever. I hope this blog entry touches someone and let’s them know they are not crazy and they are not alone. That this is a natural occurrence that allows you to have all the wisdom of the universe.


Maria Hamel

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